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CBC looks at COVID data, finds extremely low death rate for majority of Canadians

Data for the alleged “deadly virus” is again showing how not-so-deadly it is. In looking at the all confirmed cases on alleged infection from PCR tests, or simply being declared to have covid-19 from doctors who presume it, the CDC has compiled some data that looks at various metrics of the virus affecting us. The most interesting is at the bottom, which […]

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COVID vaccine sounds great, just look at the participants in trials getting side effects

Vaccine are all the rage. Gotta get a covid vaccine to get “back to normal”. There won’t be a “normal” until there is a vaccine, so says the god-head Gates. Only the vaccine will save us. Until then, red alerts and lockdowns are the normal. Not that we will ever get back to normal. The biosecurity advancement won’t be roled […]

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Doctors call for open debates on handling COVID

Those who question what is going on in the government response to the covid-19 infections are dismissed, ignored, or ridiculed by the mainstream. Many of them are doctors, virologists and epidemiologists. If you don’t stand with the mainstream brainwashed narrative on covid-19, you are declared to be against science. If you don’t toe the line, you are anti-science. Is this […]

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