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Infatuation with Being “Positive” and Doing “Good”

People have an infatuation with being “positive” and doing “good”, rather than stopping the negative and evil. Trying to create good while you still create evil is confused, counterproductive, inconsistent lunacy and will not work. Evil must be faced and stopped before new Good can truly, fully, work. Focusing on good at the cost of ignoring evil allows evil to […]

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We Judge, Offend and Insult Ourselves by our own Actions

We judge, offend and insult ourselves by our own actions. Awareness of this self-imposed behavior is necessary. Being shown the errors and wrongs of our current ways is a blessing to help us Evolve Consciousness. The darkness can be brought up to the light for conscious awareness to choose the Wisdom of Right-Action over the foolishness of wrong-action. We Judge, […]

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