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Intolerance and Censorship to Skeptics and Contrary Data or Conclusions

The science is settled. Period. Don’t debate it. Debate is not allowed. Don’t doubt it. Doubt is not allowed. Don’t question it. Questions are not allowed. Data that contradicts the “settled consensus” doesn’t matter. How dare you put out alternate hypotheses and theories. SourceThat’s where things are at in society. And that’s not science. That’s dogma. That’s a religion. That’s […]

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Social Media Companies Act as Editors, Trump Signs Executive Order to Remove ‘Liability Shield’

Big news in the social media sphere as Trump has signed an Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship to review how Section 230(c) of the of the Communications Decency Act functions. This comes after Twitter but a “misinformation” tag on a Trump post. Source Plenty of people have been censored in the past 2 years for expressing views that social media big […]

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YouTube/Social Media Censorship: Gatekeepers of a False Narrative

YouTube has openly stated that it doesn’t allow content that contradicts the WHO’s official position on COVID-19. That’s incredible, but it’s real. An international agency is deciding what an American company will do. YouTube is like the ‘Party’ from 1984, and the WHO is like Big Brother that directs the party. This position affects the dialog in society, and what […]

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