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When I say something is “brilliant”, it is “bright”, it is shining intense light of Truth onto the bullshit falsity and expelling it. Speaking the Truth casts aside the lies, just as a light shining into a dark room casts the darkness from its path, showing us the Way and Path to the Wisdom of Right-Action. Brilliance

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We Judge, Offend and Insult Ourselves by our own Actions

We judge, offend and insult ourselves by our own actions. Awareness of this self-imposed behavior is necessary. Being shown the errors and wrongs of our current ways is a blessing to help us Evolve Consciousness. The darkness can be brought up to the light for conscious awareness to choose the Wisdom of Right-Action over the foolishness of wrong-action. We Judge, […]

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Conceptual Framework for Understanding Reality, Truth, Love, Good

My previous explanation of the continuum, spectrum, scale or degree of relation between aspects of universe or Truth may have been lacking in depth in order to understand how valuable it is to understand things. I will elaborate to give a more complete understanding. Understanding this framework concept helps to understand reality, higher Self, Natural Law, etc. If you already […]

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