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Ventilators 3x More Deadly for COVID Patients, Between 76-97% of Ventilator Patients Die

Ventilator use was touted as a “must-have” to deal with COVID-19 infections. But that proved to not be the case. News media was making a big deal about not enough ventilators, showing an alleged lack of ventilators with footage of one being used on a dummy. This created strong public opinion to pressure the government to hurry up and get […]

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Doctor Speaks Out on Ventilators and Virus Scamdemic, Analysis Recommends Avoiding Ventilators to Treat Coronavirus

Remember when the mainstream media was fear-hyping the allegedly overcrowded hospitals that also had a shortage of ventilators? Well, people have been documenting mostly barren hospitals, while some hospitals have busy emergency rooms or ICU but dead empty for the rest of the hospital. Doctors have been previously reporting how they stopped using ventilators, as they were resulting in fatalities […]

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