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The Checkerboard Floor: Walk in the Path and Way of Good, Evil, or Both

There is a ladder with grades and levels to get off the checkerboard floor, the low, base, beastly, carnal, fleshly consciousness stuck in the pleasure trap and baser instincts, evolving towards a higher ego, a higher self, a higher consciousness, a higher soul. Consciousness, self, soul, ego are references to ourselves. Some people try to make the ego itself an […]

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Developing Our Capacities to Think and Learn

I learn and look at what is valid or invalid in anything I choose to reflect upon, by comparing it to principles of truth and morality, then I try to figure out what lays underneath its manifestation, and I target the underlying causal forces that produce the effects, manifestations, symptoms or results. Study the effects, manifestations, symptoms or results to […]

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Do We Choose the Power to Do Right, or the Power to Do Wrong?

Bad things can happen. Not everything comes from the power of human actions to produce something wrong into the world, but a lot of things do come from human actions. Evil things are not an accident. The evils in our world would not exist if human consciousness did not create them into existence. If there is evil somewhere, it’s because […]

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