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Dark, Negative and Limited Trivium – Language and Reality Pt.4

Content: 4.1 Ancient Magic to Modern Social Engineering 4.1.1 Misdirection 4.1.2 Buying and Selling to Manifest Our Own Consequences 4.2 Dark, Negative, Classical and Limited Trivium 4.2.1 Problematic Rhetoric 4.2.2 Rhetorical Spectrum 4.2.3 Fallacy Fallacy 4.2.4 Winding Road 4.2.5 Greater Good Manipulation Video Audio Download .mp3: Dark, Negative and Limited Trivium – Language and Reality Pt.4 4.1 Ancient Magic to […]

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Moral Ownership

Do you own your body? Yes. If you said no, you are diseased in “mind” and “heart”. Who owns your body if not you? Do you own other people’s bodies? No. If you said yes, you are diseased in “mind” and “heart”. Who owns one’s body except for the conscious being that operates that animal body for its whole duration […]

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Musings on Intuition & Logic

Intuition is like grasping at something in the dark. You can feel it a bit, but you can’t see it yet, you don’t really understand it. Logic is required to bring in higher definition detail and clarity. Logic takes what you are holding/feeling in the dark, and brings up for you to actually look at. Then you can see if […]

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Infatuating Ideas: Addendum

There are many of these nice fancy sites, for these big projects based on wondrous holistic connected oneness, that offer courses,  seminars,  programs,  membership, trips, excursions, awakenings, etc. This is really big in the New Age community, where people pay others to lead them into some particular conceptual framework. Every time I see this, I laugh. I think of the […]

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Buying into Products

Everything that we have created exists because people buy into it. Someone sells a product or service, and people buy into it. The deeper dimension to this are the “products” of the mind that some have created and sold to others, who have bought into these products of the mind. When we buy into something that ‘is not’ (i.e. is […]

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