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Speaking “Truth”? – Did You Verify it First?

Just because you have a thought, doesn’t automatically make it True. I have plenty of stuff I have written that I need to review and validate first, correct and edit. Imagine possibilities, then verify and refine the reality out of the possible imaginal phantasm. Many people criticize blindly, expressing their thoughts and emotions immediately without taking the time to reflect […]

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Animals and Plants

Ask yourself honestly, if eating animals is healthy then a diet in only animal flesh would be the healthiest (like it is for carnivores).  This is evidently false for us herbivore/frugivore animal body types.  No one eats only animal flesh.  Clearly eating only meat is detrimental to health, otherwise you would be doing it. What about the opposite?  Eating only […]

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How to Escape the Psychology of Control

This is a great video where Mark Passio and Richard Grove discuss perception, keys to perceiving accurately with critical thinking, logic, etc., and evolution of consciousness that happens when we align our perceptions with reality, truth, what ‘is’. This is a primer course for truth, belief, perceptions, illusions, reality, logic, critical thinking, the Trivium, and more.

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