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Destruction and Harmony

Destruction is easier than harmony, but not more powerful. Both are phases in self-realization, alchemical transformation, etc. We can deconstruct the falsity from ourselves, destroy the false self and live more authentic, examined, true lives by harmonizing the purities that remain. That is easier work than the reconstruction of humanity that comes afterward. That reconstruction and coordination into True Unity, […]

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Betterment, Wrong and Fear of Truth

We are not perfect, nor will we ever be. We can work towards our aspiration of the infinite potential perfection, to improve, better and evolve ourselves. A way to achieve more betterment, evolution, goodness, etc. is to remove that which is not good for us. This is the apophatic path. Knowledge of wrong will allow us to actualize the potential […]

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True Enlightenment – The Great Work

Full segment from Mark Passio’s Street-Wise Spirituality presentation 2014-05-31 http://whatonearthishappening.com/podcast Truth Reigns Supreme – The Real Capital. One Master. Responsibility to Truth Above All. Service to Truth. The True Great Work. True Spiritual Warriors – The Mission to End Slavery It is our shared responsibility at this time to help to awaken others by continuously speaking the truth unapologetically, even […]

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Pleasure Gratification Life-Mottos

People, especially New Agers, and other pseudo-spiritual followers, have accepted a false axiom in their life’s purpose and meaning. It has several forms. “Pursuit of happiness”. “Enjoy life”. “Live life”. “Follow your passion”. “Follow your bliss”. “Live in the Now”. “Experience the Now”. “Experiences are all valid”. “We are here to experience everything”.  And more. Video Audio Download .mp3: Pleasure […]

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Good and Evil Confusion – Natural Law Causal Agents

Here is what some “New Agers” can come to accept as a conception of the universe, reality and “God”: “The majority of the gigantic cosmos is organic light, and the residents live in relative goodness. The creator of the universe creates and presides over the organic structure and allows the false light constructs to exist. He/She is completely in control […]

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