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Moral Depth – Who’s Freedom?

People who¬†focus only on the human relative morality in life, another variation of the “my freedom”, “my truth” and “my survival” mindset, focus on the more closely identified human slavery and evil that we aggregately self-inflict and self-impose on ourselves (human animals), rather than the more egregious immoral wrong of the slavery and evil we impose on billions of other […]

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Trauma, Abuse, Victims, Suffering and Psychopathy

Psychopathic means suffering of psyche, mind or consciousness, from psyche (mind) + pathos (suffering). Everyone is psychopathic (within varying comparative degrees) in society; socially engineered, conditioned, programmed, brainwashed and indoctrinated into a false living, a false self, in a delusion of illusions and appearances that prevents us from Realizing and Actualizing our Substantive, Authentic, True Self, Higher Self, Higher Will, […]

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Don’t Talk About Veganism?

So, you don’t talk about “veganism” much in discussing morality? You don’t think its at the root of evil in our society? The obvious slaughter and murder of over 50 billion land animals each year…no? Do you think that people will be able to stop harming each other fully without recognizing the obvious harm they are doing in the choice […]

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