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We Judge, Offend and Insult Ourselves by our own Actions

We judge, offend and insult ourselves by our own actions. Awareness of this self-imposed behavior is necessary. Being shown the errors and wrongs of our current ways is a blessing to help us Evolve Consciousness. The darkness can be brought up to the light for conscious awareness to choose the Wisdom of Right-Action over the foolishness of wrong-action. We Judge, […]

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The Responsiblity of Right Action

https://www.facebook.com/notes/kris-nelson/the-responsiblity-of-right-action/10151729215773554 On taking responsibility for what we do, what actions and behaviors we engage in.  A simple quote that sums up what many of us already know, but is worth mentioning to make it clear.  It is from a children’s movie.  Children’s movies are wonderful as they often have great life-lessons to teach. “Life isn’t about where you are going […]

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