Normalizing Control and Obedience to Authority

Once upon a time, you got to go to work, to run your business, to see friends, to hang out, to do things you normally do. Then the government decided you can’t. You’re not allowed. They won’t let you. And if you try to defy them, they will steal your money or lock you in a cage.

This is what has happened with the alleged worldwide immense threat of the dangerous novel coronavirus. You were told it was dangerous. Life threatening. A killer unlike anything ever seen since the flu of 1918. But that wasn’t true. You, most likely being under 60, weren’t in much danger at all. That didn’t matter. You had to stop doing things. You might even of had to stop going to work. You might even of had to go to mile-long line ups for food donations.

Then the benevolent overlords said they were going to open things back up. But slowly. They let some people back to work, but not everyone. They let some business resume operations, and then a bit more, like gyms and bars and restaurants. Some areas opened up beaches. Life was getting back to the way it was.

And then the cases of COVID-19 started to rise. It’s all over the news. CASES, CASES, CASES!!! The media stopped talking about deaths that are dropping, and focused on cases that rise as more testing is done. The leaders and experts scoffed and said, see, this is the second wave, COVID-19 is a huge threat, and if you don’t do what we say, you will surely die. Or, some of you will, some small percentage of you. And a lot less if we informed you of immune boosting nutrients, or let you use HCQ to treat the infection.

And so the openings are in reverse and things are closing up again. Beaches, bars, restaurants and other indoor operations are being halted by the saviors in government who know best.

Business do as their told. They hold on, hoping they can get to reopen before they go bankrupt. Then they get to after a few months, only to be forced to shutdown again after a few weeks. How much can be people hold on and use their savings to keep their shutdown business afloat?

Close. Open. Close. Open…

The shutdown, open, shutdown, open, is being repeated. Over and over, it’s being conditioned into to us to accept that the government has a right to tell us whether we can have our businesses open or not. But they don’t have that right. Yet we are being conditioned to accept this as normal through repetition and obedience.

Habits are conditioned this way. Doing something over and over makes it ingrained where we do it without thinking. It becomes just a part of life. Many people drive home and realize where they are at some point, not realizing they drove that far already. We usually put things in a certain place in our homes, like a brush, shoes, etc. if you decided to change the location of something from where it normally is,, you will likely keep going to where it was until you condition yourself to go to the new location by habit.

Wear a mask in school even though children have are not likely to be infected, don’t transmit an infection to their parents, nor are at all likely to die. Obedience to authorities to do what you’re told is again being normalized. There is no risk to or from children, yet they are being imposed masks that make breathing more difficult, and social destruction measures that make them depressed.

Think of the rules in restaurants. COVID is so deadly you need to wear a mask to get into the restaurant and sit down. Then when you sit down, you are safe from COVID. If you gather with a lot of people, COVID is deadly, except if you protest in BLM. It’s a magical virus.

Trust your government. They know what’s best. They look out for you.

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