Non-mask wearing as attempted murder?

Get out your crazy chair and take out the insane popcorn, because this is nuts. A Nashville Metro Council councilwoman named Sharon Hurt went off the chart in her perception about people who don’t wear masks. Yes, the title is accurate. She people who don’t wear a mask spread coronavirus and should be hit with attempted murder or murder charges.

At the August 5 meeting between the city’s Public Safety, Beer & Regulated Beverages and Health, Hospitals, & Social Services committees, she said:

My question goes back to legislation. I don’t know if Mike Jameson could be the one to answer the question, but my concern is — you know I work for an organization, that if they pass a virus, then they are tried for murder or attempted murder, if they are not told … and this person who may very well pass this virus that’s out in the air because they’re not wearing a mask is basically doing the same thing to someone who contracts it and dies from it.

It seems to me that we have been more reactive, as opposed to proactive, and a little too late, too little. So, my thing is, maybe there should be legislation, stronger legislation, I don’t know if Mike Jameson is… can speak to it, but maybe there needs to be stronger legislation to say that if you do not wear a mask and you subject exposure of this virus to someone else then there will be some stronger penalty as it is in other viruses that are exposed.


The beginning of her statement was in reference to the criminal charges applied to people with HIV or AIDS for spreading the virus to their sexual partners without informing them of their illness.

For the time being, she and her crazy idea was stopped by the “legal authority” limitations in place, as Mike Jameson, the director of legislative affairs and senior adviser to Nashville Mayor John Cooper (D), told her:

“[T]he council does not have the opportunity on its own to create criminal legislation, that is a state creature. We’re warranted by state law, to apply criminal application to violations, just for example, as the state law allows us to apply a Class E misdemeanor to violate a health director violation. But, in terms of creating a new code, or class of criminal offenses, that is a creature of state law.”

Gotta love them statists, always trying to state. Protecting the innocent from the super-deadly coronavirus. Hurt replied saying that was the expected asnwer she “was afraid” was going to be given. What we need to be afraid of, is authoritarians like this.

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  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    Ugh. The mask obsession continues… As if people not wearing a mask are intentionally trying to “kill” other people… As if anyone thinks to them self “Today I will not wear a mask. I hope I am a carrier of COVID-19. I hope that when I speak and breathe I release virus particles…so that other people can die.”

    Maybe a crazy druggie would think that… But someone that crazy will likely be more outrageous and actually spit at others or cough on them. Realistically no one with the intent to murder will take such a passive route that has a tiny chance of success.

    In regards to mask effectiveness…the mask laws are a joke. What I observe is that many people touch their masks so much with their hands without sanitizing their hands afterwards that even if they were effective they’re being used so casually. So many times I go out and see people pull a mask out of their pocket, bag, etc and put it on without cleaning their hands after contact. Then they take it off after leaving a building and shove it back somewhere again.

    Or I see people walking outside taking their mask off/pulling it down when someone passes them putting it back again…frequently touching it.

    I also know not everyone washes their masks every single day. The big assumption is that if you see someone wearing a mask you should feel safe and at ease. But really, there’s no telling HOW the person is using the mask. There’s no telling how long it’s been worn (maybe days in a row with no wash?), how it’s stored, how it’s handled…

    So if the mask is really trapping these virus particles they aren’t being contained carefully. Virus particles caught on the inside can still be spread. I seldom see people storing their masks in plastic bags or handling them with gloves.

    Anyway… this is besides the fact that they aren’t very effective to begin with.

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