Media Using Sham Study on HCQ COVID Treatment to Claim HCQ Ineffective, Unsafe, or Deadly

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) has received a lot of attention in the past months. From Trump mentioning it as a way to treat COVID-19, to Fauci saying it wasn’t tested and that there are “no proven safe therapies for coronavirus”. Recently, a poorly conducted study concluded it was not effective, and even increased mortality.

The media loved the study, and used it to declare how bad HCQ is for attempting to treat COVID-19.

CNN’s poster boy, Anderson Coper, said that using HCQ to treat COVID-19 “does not work”.

CNN had a guest, Jeremy Butler, asking where the evidence is saying that HCQ is safe to continue when there is this study, and no other evidence says it’s beneficial.

MSNBC said that those who used HCQ had a “higher mortality rate” and “higher rates going on ventilators”.

FOX News even wrote that is showed no benefit and had more deaths in people who received HCQ than those who didn’t:

But what does the study really say, and how was it conducted?

One of the statements the so-called “study” made, was to the effect of increased mortality:

However, hydroxychloroquine, with or without azithromycin, was more likely to be prescribed to patients with more severe disease, as assessed by baseline ventilatory status and metabolic and hematologic parameters. Thus, as expected, increased mortality was observed in patients treated with hydroxychloroquine, both with and without azithromycin.

In the quoted text, they admit they only administered HCQ, sometimes with azithromycin, when the disease was severe and they were slated to go onto ventilators. Basically, you’re about to die and their going to try to use HCQ to miraculously pull you out. That’s not how it’s supposed to be used. It’s supposed to be used at the onset of symptoms where it did effectively treat people who recovered. Even at later onset of infection, it can be used, it just takes longer to heal.

The study only went for worst case patients. And HCW didn’t miraculously make them recover in their degraded state. Conclusion: HCQ is “associated with an increased risk of mortality”. What a joke. Those who were being given HCQ were already more likely to die anyways. They were likely to die, and HCQ didn’t save them, so blame HCQ! That’s some good “science”.

And some were put on ventilators. Ventilators, those things that produce 80-90% mortality when used on COVID patients. Great!

The study did admit some other issues, that it wasn’t randomized, and that it was influenced by demographic composition where disproportionately higher rates of COVID-19 hospitalized patients are black. COVID-19 seems to affect blacks people more. Additionally, the median age was 70 years old! Their target group was more likely to be severely affected in two ways. But, blame HCQ for not being able to make people recover who were already in a serious condition. Even the Fauci touted Remdesivir is not effective in the server stages either.

This is not what you call a “good study”. This is a poorly conducted study. They did what Gov. Cuomo said was the only use for HCQ: only in hospitals, no self treatment, and only in emergency situations. The studies done by French physician and microbiologist Didier Raoult, were done on early diagnosis, and they worked with over 99% effectiveness. Not waiting until the last minute.

The protocol used by Raoult also included azithromycin (AZ) and zinc, where the HCQ opened up the cells to allow azithromycin and zinc to work to kill the virus.

The study claims there was in increased mortality rate compared to those who weren’t given HCQ. The media portrays this as those who got nothing, did better than those who got HCQ only. As if that is the control group who got nothing. But looking at the study, there is no control group. Those who did better were given a portion of the proper protocol, either HCQ+AZ, or AZ alone. They weren’t simply given nothing.

HCQ alone doesn’t do the job, you need the AZ or zinc to heal from the virus infection. But the study is being touted by the media as proof that HCQ is a failure. What a joke.

That’s not all. The study didn’t even mention the dosage that was given. And those who conducted the study are ophthalmologists, they work on the eye. Why they did decided to actually do this study is very odd. Eye doctors doing a drug study for treating a virus?

This is not even a study, it’s a sham, as Dr. Stephen Smith has said. He “can’t believe anyone to this seriously”. There is no data on the dosage amount of when it was given. Yes, this is being touted as a “study”. When does a drug study not mention the dose? That’s unheard of. Pseudoscience is running the show, and the media loves using it. They don’t want people to be healed by HCQ+AZ+zinc, or vitamin C, D, A, zinc or other therapies. They want inflated death counts to keep the fear-hype panic alive.

There is a recent rheumatology study in Italy that looked at 65,000 patients who took HCQ on the longterm for RA and Lupus. Only 20 tested positive for COVID-19. None went to the ICU. None died. We are being fed false information by the medical establishment, governments and media.

There are life saving treatments, but we aren’t allowed to use them or know about them. From demonizing HCQ or vitamin C, to raiding clinics giving free vitamin C treatments, we are deep in an age of deception. We are in a dark age.

Listen to Del Bigtree go through this information:

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