Media-induced fear as the real problem

I recently posted about the fear-induced psyche of the Brits. A great number of them think there have been millions killed by COVID-19 in the UK alone. They have the media to thank for this warped perception.

Doing the good work to correct the false and inflated numbers is a professor of Evidence-based medicine at Oxford University named Carl Heneghan. He did work to discover the inflated official death toll in the UK. Thanks to him, that deception has been blown open and forced a correction to the numbers.


The media is still busy instilling fear in population. In pretty much any Western nation, the media still presents COVID-19 as a serious threat to everyone of all ages. Everything to government does is justified. Forcing the stupid measures on children at school is justified. But Heneghan doesn’t agree.

Heneghan has been reassuring his young students they won’t die if they get COVID-19. He has to do that because their conception of the threat is warped by false information, i.e. fake news, put out by the media.

“We reset how we calculate the death rates. We now need to reset how we communicate the risks of the virus.”

“I am concerned people have become overly frightened and throughout this pandemic, the fear instilled in people has been a real problem.”

“Many people misunderstand and overestimate their risk of Covid. This uncertainty is leaving them highly anxious and affecting schools, offices and how we go about our daily lives. The government needs to intervene to explain to people their true risks.”

He even thinks forcing people to lockdown could do more harm than the alleged good the lockdowns are supposedly doing. Forcing people to stay locked up in closer areas as temperatures drop could help the virus spread more than letting people go about their lives.

As we learn more, it does seem the deaths are inflated in various places. Researchers and local news have uncovered false counts in deaths and cases in the US and the UK. It’s probably happening elsewhere. We also know the virus isn’t as deadly as we were led to believe by the deceptive media that keep pushing that agenda.

Despite all the corrections with better data to show how COVID-19 is more like a severe flu season, society hasn’t readjusted to that reality. The agenda pushes forward. The fear still has so many people not thinking. Fear is the mind killer.

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  • Tstrainor

    I can only speak from experience in the U.S. Americans are in a state of fear because our leaders have lied repeatedly to us about COVID-19 from the beginning. It’s a common concept: fear of the unknown. Within this vacuum of truth, the seeds of chaos have been sown…all for political reasons. To blame our situation on “the media” is to misplace true accountability. Political leaders are responsible and accountable for every aspect of the response.

    The health statistics surrounding a new infectious disease evolve over time. We don’t know what we don’t know. By suppressing investigative tools (i.e. universal testing) factual information regarding morbidity and mortality is a best guess. This data is changing as we learn more about the disease. As far as mortality, there is already data that indicates excess all cause mortality due to this disease; that is undeniable. If anything, mortality is UNDER REPORTED. As for morbidity, we won’t have complete data on the disease’s long term health impact for years, possibly decades.

    Bottom line: if US leaders had been truthful, implemented universal testing, supported simple health precautions, mandated mask wearing in certain limited situations (e.g. mass transit) there may have been no need to issue stay at home orders at all and this whole scenario would have been in the rear view mirror six months ago.

    The idea of “achieving” natural herd immunity, when we have all the tools needed to mount an effective response, is at best disingenuous and morally bankrupt. At worst it is a thinly veiled and evil eugenics inspired strategy.

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