Media Conditioning People To Accept a ‘New Normal’ Way of Life Post-Lockdown, No Return to Pre-COVID Life

Many of the current politicians, former politicians, and media anchors (and other talking heads), are often referring to the “new normal”. In some cases the “new normal” is referred to as the new way of life while we “deal” with COVID-19. That’s because the government has imposed measures that vary per country, measures that people must obey or else face fines or arrest. That’s our current “new normal”.

A mandatory vaccine a form of some kind of a “solution” for the majority of these brainwashers. Some say it will take time, until there is a vaccine, for life to “return”.

But many of these instances of “new normal” refer to post-lockdown life, not simply current life of dealing with COVID-19. That is, life after the lockdown will not be the same as life before the lockdown measures. This is ominous and hints at some of the changes we have had imposed by governments staying around. This will likely include new measures being introduced, like the drones and apps to surveil us which have already been deployed in several countries. I expect immunity-passports to be pushed as well.

Maybe a mandatory vaccine will be the end of it all, but I doubt it. The vaccine will just allow you to use things in society, like enter restaurants, public transportation, or even get back to work. I don’t trust the rush to create a new vaccine. Two unsuccessful things: 1) RNA vaccines that have never been done and 2) a Coronavirus vaccine where previous respiratory vaccines have not passed testing due to harmful effects.

Listen to narrative managers prime us for the “new normal” that is to come, and make us accept a vaccine as the “only solution”. Forget about COVID-19 not being an issue for the majority of people, and only severely affecting a small portion of people. Accept the vaccine, or else…


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