Media and ‘Experts’ Approve Protesting ‘White Supremacy’, But Not Protesting COVID Lockdown

The media and scamdemic ‘experts’ are still busy spouting their double-think and expecting the obedient debt-slaves to do as their told. The media and experts still want people to stay apart, except if it’s to support the racial divide and unrest that serve the empower the state in the long run.

The media and ‘experts’ support thousands protesting close together against police abuse, or ‘white supremacy’ as some hilariously proclaim the issue to be. Yet, they denounce protests against the lockdown, against the draconian measure the government imposed to ruin people’s lives and the economy.

Stay-home, and don’t protest the stay-home bullshit. Those are legit “laws” to keep you safe. But, if you want to protest other stuff like police abuse, or the narrative of a fantasy of “white supremacy” everywhere in society, then please do. This is Orwellian double-think contradiction.

Do you think I’m making up this fantasy narrative of protests against “white supremacy”? 1200 public health experts have signed an open letter asserting “white supremacy is a lethal public health issue that predates and contributes to COVID-19.”

“Staying at home, social distancing, and public masking are effective at minimizing the spread of COVID-19. To the extent possible, we support the application of these public health best practices during demonstrations that call attention to the pervasive lethal force of white supremacy.”

You can only do what they tell you you’re allowed to do. That’s freedom. Don’t protest this, don’t protest our draconian “laws” that oppress and ruin your life, but go ahead and protest the other oppression that misdirects and focuses on race rather than the inherent problem of belief in authority and obedience to orders that justify violence and murder of innocent people.

We have been told we can’t be more than 2 people at a time somewhere (or increased to 10). We have been told we can’t be closer than 6 feet to others. If we disobey, we are criminals and we will be fined or arrested. The media at the White House was shocked to see that social distancing was not being obeyed, while they remain suddenly shut up about complaining about social distancing at large in society, i.e. at the protests.

This is exemplified by Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot:

“We will shut you down, we will cite you, and if we have to, we will arrest you. Don’t make us treat you like a criminal, but if you act like a criminal and you violate the law and refuse to do what’s necessary to save lives in the middle of a pandemic, we will take you to jail, period.”

Criminals, for not obeying the states dictates over a virus that’s similar to the flu in lethality. The truth has been evidence for centuries, that the state is the most organized criminal enterprise ever constructed.

No one (or very few) in the protest movement even correctly identify the problem. They want people looking at race as the issue, to pit race/ethnicity against other races/ethnicities as the source of their woes, when the real problem is the state authority and it’s power and abuse over the lives of everyone. That way, the state remains in power and nothing really changes for the better.

So few people get that the state and authority is the problem. People are racially focused on “white-cop” did X to “non-white person” = racial issue, even though “white-cop” did X to “white person” happens as well.

The cops are the thug gang enforcement division of the state. They are there to serve the state, not the people. They are the attack dogs that take their orders and impose violence (theft, assault, murder) on those who don’t obey their own or the state’s authority. Do as you’re told, or else!

The common problem of authority and legalized monopoly on violence escapes them as they are so indoctrinated and conditioned into the seeing life as necessitating the state and police. Otherwise, without government gangs, who would protect us from violent street gangs that would take over, right?

Is the problem really that authoritarians beat/steal/kill some races more at times while other races get beaten less at times, or that we’re all being beaten/stolen from/killed whenever they want and get away with it? “It’s not fair that he (that group) is getting beat up less than me (my group), he (they) shouldn’t have that privilege. Clearly, the one’s doing the beating are racist, that’s the real problem.”

Wake up if you don’t get it. Get out of the race-trap being played out. The problem is the state and the belief in authority that oppresses and violates all our rights.


  • All Lives Matter

    It truly is insane that people are allowed to protest this “Black Lives Matter” bunk in huge groups… while many people can’t have peaceful funerals, go to school or church. I almost can’t believe it. Often, the protest groups are larger and stand very close together. These protests even lead to dangerous behaviors and lootings in some cases. Yet it is somehow more justified and necessary…

    Essentially this says: Your children can’t go to school and have normal socialization/education right now… You can’t get together with friends and family to mourn an important loss at a funeral… But you can stand around chanting that one race out of all of the races on the planet matters…. Because it’s just “so essential”…And yes, it’s definitely Orwellian double-speak to say you can’t protest “Stay At Home” orders yet you can defy staying at home if you want to protest about black people.

    The protests aren’t even very productive…As if somehow yelling “Black Lives Matter” all day and holding signs is suddenly going to make police less aggressive… If a police officer is already racist for whatever reason, or if they are generally aggressive and impulsive… that individual won’t change until they do some internal work. Seeing protestors probably won’t make them magically change their ways. In many cases, it makes racist people even more ticked off.

    As someone who is part black I actually feel a little embarrassed to pass “Black Lives Matter” groups. I don’t buy into it and definitely agree it’s just part of one more divisive agenda. I am tired of people being accused of racism when they say “ALL lives Matter”.

    It also makes me feel like now white people especially have to act overtly “non-racist”. It’s as though now if someone is white and they don’t show an interest in this “Black Lives Matter” movement that they are automatically a racist person rather than someone who can see through it. As someone who is part black, I don’t want a white person or a person of another race to try to treat me better than they normally would as a part of this “Black Lives Matter” agenda.

    If this keeps going on I suspect signs of “Black Privilege'” erupting. Black people are most encouraged to broadcast support of their race instead of humans in general.

    It is true that all races are under attack right now, on a much grander scale than white cops against black people. Zooming in on white vs. black takes attention off the big picture.

      • "Associations" Make Items Threats Now

        So… because a hanging rope “can be associated” with violence and hate crimes it is offensive to these people…Even if it’s used for exercise and there’s no body hanging from it…

        Hmmm…the knife I used to chop some vegetables tonight “can be associated” with hate crimes and violence, too. Let’s demonize as all knives now as well!

        I guess these folks are running out of real new hate crimes to protest 😂

  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    The link below is for a website that has content on violence committed by black people as well as the theme of black victimization. The owner of the site, Colin Flaherty, even wrote a book called “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry” (I haven’t read it yet but hope to one day) which documents violence by black youth. The author also had a Youtube channel which documented many examples of general black crimes and the way the media downplays it. I think it’s been taken down but you can still find videos of him on other channels.

    Of course, this data doesn’t justify white cops killing black people who are innocent. It does make me question the theme of black victimization and BLM though. What I wrote previously may look a little harsh (calling the BLM group bunk lol) so I thought I’d add some content to elaborate.

    Overall, what I see is that there are many crimes being committed by black people themselves that are going overlooked. I don’t see a world where almost all black people are innocent and commit little crimes yet are victims of extreme racism. I see racism as a problem that affects all races in different ways in different areas. The name Black Lives Matters bothers me so much because the compartmentalization is unnecessary given the bigger picture.

    Something else I think about is how many people don’t realize there are groups of white elites who kill, rape and torture their own kind. Reading “Trance Formation of America” goes into this. It was written by Cathy O’Brien. She was a victim of such activity. According to sources like her it is largely white people abused by other white people in these situations. Cathy didn’t experience magical “white privelege” and almost lost her life at the hands of other whites. This is just one reason why this theme of white supremacy/ white privilege doesn’t sit well with me. It’s just too narrow of a focus to encapsulate reality. Being white doesn’t automatically make every white person’s life easier. It doesn’t exclude white people from so many forms of injustice.

    The Stay at Home Order and the denial of it’s protests is one example of injustice that includes all races. Many white business owners have suffered from this order. They all didn’t magically get excluded from the order just for being white. Many white protestors against this order have been silenced and oppressed. Where is their protection from white supremacy there? What form of white privilege saved the day for them?

    Back to the BLM issues.. the lootings, vandalism and violence done by certain protestors in this group make it all even worse. One BLM leader defended lootings as “reparations”. As if black people can’t start businesses, seek free resources or get good jobs. Apparently some “need” to loot so they can provide for themselves. It seems they can’t use their brains and survive otherwise. Martin Luther King Jr. himself would never have approved of such nonsense.

    There are some well meaning individuals in BLM with some valid points… But they need a wider focus and to leave the BLM.

    In summary, just the fact that the BLM protests are okay but the ones against “Staying Home” aren’t is ridiculous in itself.

    • It’s a very narrow focus. Racism does happen. But the statistics show that the most violence against blacks is done by blacks. Police are stage gang-thugs, and they abuse everyone. They might target blacks more, but that ignores the fundamental issue that they are thugs who are harming people of any “color”.

      • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

        That’s a succinct way to put. Excuse my long-winded rants that were all over the place. It’s been somewhat difficult for me to grasp this whole issue with everything I’ve seen. For awhile I wasn’t sure if BLM’s main focus was police brutality against black people or just racism against black people in general.

        Yes, all police abuse and violence needs to come to light. “Reform the Police” or “End Police Brutality” would be more appropriate names at this point.

        When BLM members call those who say “All lives Matter” racist it makes me think of this analogy. Imagine a vegan sub-group that particularly wants to end violence against pigs because pigs are the most consumed animal in the world. Their name is “Pig Lives Matter” and they dedicate resources just for pigs. They write articles about the suffering of pigs and don’t include the suffering of other farmed animals. Their protests are all about pigs as well, not all animals farmed for meat. When they meet vegan groups that are aimed at ending violence to all animals, they get angry and accuse the groups of not caring enough about pigs…even if the other group says that “All Animals Matter”. The “All Animals Matter” groups address pig violence too yet it isn’t good enough.

        Some BLM members do accept the term “All lives Matter” and will look at other forms of police violence/racism. Yet what I see more often is the rejection of “All Lives Matter”.

        Really, society as a whole needs an education reform. The fact that black people are killed more by their own kind than police and other races needs to be solved somehow, too. Yet I see black people writing how upset they feel when people bring this point up. It’s as though they’re offended when people point out the black on black violence.

        Overall, I’m so tired of the slogan. The other day I was on Facebook and wanted to use a GIF to congratulate someone on an achievement. Literally the first options that came up were a ton of BLM GIFs. Before anything else. Seriously??? Lol. That was really the first category that came up and I’ve never used that type of GIF before!

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