Lockdown Forces Multiple Waves of COVID, Mutating and Returning Each Season, ‘Justifying’ More Government Control

The government measures to force lockdowns and coerce isolation will return. They’ve said as much in the media. Until there is the miracle vaccine unicorn to save us, the lockdown and isolation will return.

Because, we are all told, there is no other way to treat a COVID-19 infection. There is no remedy. Hydroxychloroquine with azithromycin and zinc doesn’t work. If it works, it’s too dangerous. There are no natural aways to treat a viral infection. If there are, they are untested, and can’t be promoted to save lives.

So forget about Vitamin C or other vitamins or minrals helping to reduce the length of an illness or strengthen the immune system. Those are untested and can’t be spoken about my the government or media. We’re on our own to find the information, but places like YouTube ban content that mentions vitamin C as a treatment. The FBI raids clinics offering free vitamin C treatment.

That’s the world we’re in now. We are told we need to obey the government lockdowns and measures like isolation until the fabled vaccine unicorn that they tell us will be “safe” comes around.

Until then, the curve is flattened, the virus will slowly go through the population, mutating, and coming back to infect more people later on. It will move around, mutating more and more, and come back changed and ready to infect again. Over and over, giving the government the ammunition it needs to keep bringing in more lockdowns and isolation. Until, the vaccine saves us all. Then we will need mandatory vaccine to “protect” everyone when our immune system do the job great for 99% of us. And a vaccine each year, because the virus will mutate, just like there is a new flu vaccine each year because it mutates.

Imagine this instead.

The elderly and health impaired get sequestered and isolated for their safety. Everyone that’s healthy gets infected in 1-2 months around the globe. Those isolated don’t get infected, or very few do and an be treated in very low numbers. Hospitals are fine. No overflows. Everyone is still working. The virus has no more hosts to infect and it ‘dies’ out. SARS-COVID-2 would be gone for good.

What a world that would have been to live in. How much better off we would all be.


  • Virtues vs, Vices

    I have been contemplating a cartoon comic called “Vices for Vaccines” for quite some time now. When I really think about it, there is a connection between each of the “seven deadly sins/vices” and justifications for mandating vaccines.

    Pride- Someone has a career in the medical or science field, or has connections with someone in such field(s). They are too proud to consider evidence that doesn’t support mandatory vaccinations. They do not want to believe they spent time studying false information or that they have been misguided. They can not believe that they’ve been duped.

    Gluttony/Greed- A significant amount of people have addictions to or preferences for foods and or substances that weaken the immune system. They don’t want to give up low cost, artificially flavored foods or give up a smoking habit, for example. They want to binge on ice cream made from conventional milk, guzzle down Diet Pepsi, feed Oreos to their kids….. The Greed aspect applies to people who know there are negative side effects from vaccines but care more about earning profits.

    Sloth- Many people exist who do not value physical exercise. Many are also too lazy to spend energy researching alternative ways to care for their health. They believe it takes too much time and effort, they don’t want to change their habits.

    Wrath- Some individuals who know possible side effects of vaccines believe the people who accept vaccines deserve to suffer the consequences, even if they are innocent children. Such individuals lack self love and project that wrath onto others.

    Lust- There are people out there who believe they should be able to have one night stands or have unrestricted contact with others whenever they want without dealing with consequences of spreading germs and viruses. They don’t want to be careful or prudent.

    Envy- There are people so caught up in envying healthy people with strong immune systems that they think of themselves as victims for not being healthier. They take this victim mindset as an excuse not to try and harbor self defeating attitudes. Instead of improving themselves they just give up altogether.

    Without these vices in the way, blocking people’s perceptions, the facts would speak clearly for themselves. Is it really logical to expect to have strong immunity with a toxic diet and sedentary lifestyle? Is it fair to expect immunity when not putting any effort into the state of one’s health? Does it make sense to hold onto a belief because pride is more important?

    The cartoon I have in mind would have individuals with each vice either complaining about their compromised immune systems while hurting themselves and justifying vaccine laws or being too stubborn to consider alternative approaches.

    Those waiting for a vaccine unicorn want ‘instant immunity’ without having to do any work to change. Or, they know the risks but could care less who may suffer.

    Essentially, the people who believe in mandatory vaccinations have unrealistic expectations and false perceptions. Of course, the simplest way to summarize this is fear as that is the underlying driving force in all vices.

    The obvious solution to this pandemic is the essence of virtue itself. If humanity, collectively, had prioritized virtues… then a large percentage of people would have never fallen ill in the first place.

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