Is the Deception Cracking? White House ‘Hot Mic’, Rand Paul and Ex-ABC News Anchor Against Lockdown

More information is coming out about the fatality rate being lower. The infected rate is likely much higher than is reported, as not everyone can be tested. This reduced the death rate. There is also the fact of inflated death counts. Real death counts also reduce the death rate.

Doctors are speaking up against the fear-hype, like Dr/Senator Scott Jenson and doctors in California who put out the data about the real situation of COVID-19.

Is the mainstream “official” narrative cracking? Is it beginning to crumble? The media seems to ignore much of the real data on the numbers and statistics of how COVID-19 is akin to the flu. But the numbers are there if one wants to look at them, s I did with USA lockdown vs. Sweden herd immunity.

There isn’t much talk of numbers, but there are some prominent figures who want to end the lockdown and have recently spoken about it. This includes Senator Rand Paul and former ABS reporter Brit Hume.

They both make cases to end the lockdown, given how wrong the projections were that originally were used to justify the fear-hype panic and lockdown measures.

The White House ‘hot mic’ incident from last week was big for putting a crack in their bullshit too. h media tried to spin the incident as a joke or conspiracy theory, anything but talk about the main content of the antibody study which suggests 30-80 times more people are infected, thus driving down dead rates.

Dr.Birx of the White House was even asked about the study and it’s implication about lower death rates. She of course ignored the question and instead proceeded to talk about the risk and “safety” issue of everyone who is infected, an how there is a need for more surveillance of the population via testing.

I see some cracks, but they aren’t that big. We need more to significantly put a hole into the deceptive wall that most people are stuck behind, living in a false reality.

I think more people need to be speaking up against the lockdown in the media in order for it to be called off. And especially using the real data to show it’s akin to the flu to combat the false narrative based on the false models. We have real data now, we should be using it to correct the wrong course we are on with the lockdown, surveillance and loss of liberties.

Originally published on Hive

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