Hong Kong Flu Pandemic of 1968-69, No Lockdown, Woodstock Happened Instead

covid flu 1968

Did you know there was a huge flu pandemic in 1968 and 1969 with about 1 million deaths worldwide attributed to that flu? It was called the “Hong Kong flu”, or H3N2 influenza virus.

covid flu 1968

More deaths in a smaller population

That flu pandemic also affected the elderly above 65 the most, with about 100,000 deaths in the US. Also note that the US population back then was 200 million instead of the current 328 million.

That’s a 0.05% of the population dead from H3N2, compared to now at 0.0255% of the population allegedly dead from COVID-19. Allegedly, because we know the numbers are inflated/padded. COVID-19 is half as deadly, so far, given the bogus numbers we have.

No lockdown

Did the world go into lockdown then?

No. The economy wasn’t tanked. People weren’t forced to not go to work. People weren’t forced into unemployment. The government has done that now though. They didn’t even do social distancing that is now being force upon us, with the coercive threat of theft in fins or assault in arrests.

Woodstock during pandemic

Instead of social isolation, the opposite happened. Woodstock happened in 1969. Imagine that! A large gathering of people, in close contact, while a pandemic was taking place.

As the American Institute for Economic Research points out in their recent article this:

The contrast between 1968 and 2020 couldn’t be more striking. They were smart. We are idiots. Or at least our governments are.

Our current idiocy

We were sold a catastrophic pandemic with millions dead globally if we didn’t lockdown and isolate everyone. This has been proven to be false.

The Ferguson-Imperial College model used to project these bogus numbers was never vetted by others in the field. The code was hidden until Microsoft reworked it, and still it was reviewed to be poor code to produce a poor prediction.

Sweden no lockdown

One example of the false predictions from not going into lockdown is Sweden. According to the predictions, Sweden would have had over 30,000 dead with lesser mitigation than a full lockdown.

Yet, Sweden, without a full lockdown, has a fraction of those deaths. Most of which come from the elderly, which could have been prevented if they took proper measures to isolate the elderly. Sweden’s population death rate is at 0.0338%. It’s still less than 0.05% from H3N2.

Fight for the future

Is humanity going to keep being led by false fear, created by the non-science of false model, perpetuated and increased by the media, and sustained by governments? Are we doing to accept improperly tested unsafe vaccines? Are we going to accept perpetual surveillance? Are we going to accept the loss of our freedoms? Are we going to accept increasing tyranny.

Time will tell. More people need to become aware of the scamdemic.

Originally published on Hive

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