Henry Ford Health System Study Shows HCQ Cut COVID Deaths in Half

A new hydroxychloroquine study published it’s results on July 1, 2020, whose goal was to “evaluate the role of hydroxychloroquine therapy alone and in combination with azithromycin in hospitalized patients positive for COVID-19.”. It showed a 50% drop in deaths in hospitalized patients using a HCQ treatment.

The study looked at hospital mortality from March 10 to May 2, across 6 hospitals belonging to the Henry Ford Health System (HFHS) in Southeast Michigan. With a total of 2,541 patients looked at, 26% of those not treated with HCQ died compared to 13% of those that were treated.

From the study itself, states as a hazard reduction:

Hydroxychloroquine provided a 66% hazard ratio reduction, and hydroxychloroquine + azithromycin 71% compared to neither treatment.

Dr. Marcus Zervos, division head of Infectious Disease for Henry Ford Health System and co-author of the study said:

“We’re glad to add to the scientific knowledge base on the role and how best to use therapies as we work around the world to provide insight,” he said. “Considered in the context of current studies on the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19, our results suggest that the drug may have an important role to play in reducing COVID-19 mortality.”

Those are some good outcomes to help save lives.

Another doctors, Vladaimir Zelenko who has been treating patients with HCQ, AZT and zinc for months has had only 2 deaths out of his 800 or so patients treated. Zelenko also stated in an interview that the medical elite and politicians and committing crimes against humanity by denying patients access to this drug that helps zinc kill the virus.

Zolenko states 4 reasons as he sees it for why HCQ is being fought and prevented from being supported as the treatment against COVID-19:

  1. politics
  2. money
  3. arrogance
  4. fear

People, like those who own the media, or the talking heads in the media pushing their political agendas, and many politicians, don’t want trump to get credit for HCQ and win the election. Big pharma stands to lose a huge market share if HCQ used, as opposed to other drugs like remdesivir which the makers want to change hospitals over $3,000 to use, and of course the fabled mRNA vaccine unicorn. Medical elites also stand against HCQ as they only accept clinical studies to acknowledge HCQ effectiveness and recommend it’s use, while rejecting the science and demonstration of the drug working in practice (Zelenko, Raoult).

And this study didn’t even use zinc, which is what kills the virus as a bullet, and HCQ acts as a gun to launch the zinc bullet and get it through the cell to get at the virus. If they had used zinc, I suspect many less people would have died.

Imagine if the corruption in politics, big pharma, media and the medical elite didn’t stand in the way of using a drug that’s been safe to use for over 50 years. Lives don’t really matter to these people. Their agendas come first.

It’s bit tiresome to have to keep repeating the reality of how HCQ can help people treat COVID-19 infection and greatly reduce mortality. But, it’s gotta be done, since so many people are ignorant of this and many who aren’t are arrogantly in denial of it’s effective use as a treatment. Instead of 130,000 alleged deaths from “COVID-19”, there could be just 75,000 with HCQ and AZT alone, and maybe even only a few thousand if zinc was used since the February to treat COVID-19 patients.

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