COVID deaths for the average UKer

How many people have died of COVID where you live? The media will give you a number. The government gave them that number. Those numbers allegedly come from the medical system. But in many cases, hospitals were reported on the news or by government to have a high number of deaths, yet when hospital administrators heard those numbers, they objected. The numbers were false. In some cases, they fake death numbers exceed the amount of beds they even have.

When you hear about X number of deaths on this day, or Y number of deaths in a month, or in all the past months, how do you know that is a real number? You are just told this is the way it is, and you believe it. We are being fed false information and we are swallowing that shit whole.

What’s even worse is when you see how the unreal numbers of the media and governments are surpassed by people’s sheer imagination and unreal perception. Maybe government and media sensationalism, hype and fear is to blame, but they have stretched the amount of deaths by orders of magnitude beyond thee reality.

To demonstrate how people are so fucking clueless, a recent survey in the UK asked how many people they think have died due to COVID-19 in the UK. The average of all people polled put the number at 7% of the population, which is about 5 million people in the UK alone. Pretty unreal…

Yes, that’s an average of all people surveyed. As a “fact checking” site explained, that’s not the median which is more representative of the “average” persons views, which was more in thinking 1% of the population died. Even 1% is still wrong, but it’s a lot loser to a real number than 7% is.

But so what if the claim going around about that survey isn’t the median number, but is a mean average number? Look at the graph yourself.


Tell me that you don’t see 10% of people believe it’s 5% of the population that died and another 20% of people ranging from believing 6-30% of the population has died. That’s 30% of people believing that COVID has killed 5-30% of the UK population. Holy fucking shit how brainwashed they are. Soap has been injected into their brain and the bubbles prevent them from being able to think for themselves.

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