COVID-19 Scamdemic as Steroids for World Government/NWO Control Grid

The push for a globalized new world order under a world government is seeing increased exposure int he media as a result of the coronavirus artificially created fear-hype panic instituted by the mainstream media. James Corbett does a good job of showing some top figure-heads coming out with rhetoric to try to mold the perception of the masses to accept greater globalization, as well as promoting the technocratic control grid on humanity.

The ideal of wide open borders and free movement entices many into the belief of a need for a one world government to “unite humanity”. Two major proponents of a global control grid under the banner of a utopian world order are Gordon Brown and Henry Kissinger. Both are pushing for vaccines as necessary in dealing with COVID-19.

Brown wants $3 billion to first develop the vaccine and $7.4 to keep the program running, for COVID-19 alone. Although Brown doesn’t reveal more than that, he no doubt shares the globalist mindset which Kissinger isn’t shy to speak about: constant global vaccination.

As part of a “three domain” initiative, Kissinger wants to have the world order mandate vaccines across the planet for “infection control”, for our own protection, of course:

“Drawing lessons from the development of the Marshall Plan and the Manhattan Project, the U.S. is obliged to undertake a major effort in three domains. First, shore up global resilience to infectious disease. Triumphs of medical science like the polio vaccine and the eradication of smallpox, or the emerging statistical-technical marvel of medical diagnosis through artificial intelligence, have lulled us into a dangerous complacency. We need to develop new techniques and technologies for infection control and commensurate vaccines across large populations. Cities, states and regions must consistently prepare to protect their people from pandemics through stockpiling, cooperative planning and exploration at the frontiers of science.”

What a nice guy. He cares about us and just wants to make sure we are safe and secure, because we can’t do that on our own, as he points out in the 3rd domain that the:

“… purpose of the legitimate state is to provide for the fundamental needs of the people: security, order, economic well-being, and justice. Individuals cannot secure these things on their own.”

Another party in the socialist endeavor for a global government to ~free~ control humanity, are the international banksters. Deutsche Bank puts for a prediction of our future: immunity passports:

“…proof of good health could come in the form of an ‘immunity passport’ – a secure, smartphone-based tool containing information about the user’s wellbeing.”

“If the technology becomes available quickly enough, such ‘immunity passports’ could promote tourism and travel. If not, the ban on travel could be replaced with mandatory periods of self-isolation upon arrival, researchers say.”

At first the creeping encroachment is for travel control, but it easily moves to control over movement and social or economic right, like using public transit or going to work.

If you’re not aware, other have been promoting immunity passports/certificates, like Bill Gates who calls them digital certificates. Gates is another pushing for a technocratic control grid over humanity, of course promoting vaccines and their development while leaving a trail of bodies and injured vaccinated people in his wake.

Essentially, the slogan being promoted by Gates and others is “no vaccine, no job” in order to force people to comply with their tyrannical measures to control what goes into your body. The Guardian, such a great bastion of freedom, also promoted immunity passports to “speed up return to work after COVID-19“.

Countries are already heading in the direction to track and monitor populations for potential infection breaches by “stepping up surveillance of their citizens”. Business Insider wrote about the US *”federal and state governments are using location data gleaned from the online advertising industry, ” and that the *”data is anonymized, so authorities are studying general population movement rather than tracking individuals.” But you can bet it will get personal. The next day they wrote about some countries “providing detailed information about individuals’ movements”.

On such government is South Africa, where a “database to track anyone who may be carrying the SARS-CoV-2 virus, or anyone who has had contact with a carrier”.

“People tracked will not be notified intially, but a judge will get a list of those whose movements are traced, after the fact.”

Watch the full Corbett Report to get more of the bigger picture.

Data about our movements, where we go, who we come into contact with, how long we are in contact, how long we stay somewhere, will all get collated into world centralized (or fake ‘decentralized’ blockchain) databases to establish your identity with your digital biometric passport, fast tracking your through checkpoints, and keep everyone “safe and secure”. You wouldn’t want someone with a possible infection getting on a plane with you, would you? It’s for your own good, real freedom 😛

Oh, and don’t forget the push to a cashless society. This will be eventually be integrated into similar measures of control of being allowed to use your monetary property. Your money will all be in a bank, accessible only with a chip that interconnects with other databases that identify you. If you won’t have a chipped identity, you won’t be able to travel to other countries like others. If you don’t have a chipped medical history, you won’t be able to access social and economic avenues like others. If they don’t want to let you do something, you won’t be able to. China is leading the way with their social credit system.

Originally published on Hive, 4/12/2020 5:13 PM


  • Chavez

    great incite as always, Kris
    The only hope for these last couple of generations of ‘humans’ is a return to Nature…for US to say FUCK OFF… WE ARE NOT COMING BACK…The way I see it…the masters have loosened the chains a bit…just have to slip out..stay local…get over the tech addiction…get together with neighbors …produce an abundance of food…share…live with compassion and Love…do not use money or support the Beast in an way…
    Anyways…i’m dreaming aloud…it is over…people are begging to go back to their fucking servitude…they don’t want real Freedom..they want contractual liberty..and most will get the vaccine…and the ‘passport'(still under the maritime slave mentality)..5G is literally rolling out as I type this…they are all over my city..daily.. putting more and more during this lockdown…
    the hidden hand gets an A+ for this psy-op…all the boxes are there to be checked to bring in the nwo…has the ‘tiptoe’ begun to quicken?… sure seems so…we shall soon see..
    got a feeling we may see the big show in the sky at some point! Blue beam!

    • I prefer the country to the concrete jungles for sure. Kinda hard to make a living in the tech jobs out there though 😉

    • Chavez wrote: people are begging to go back to their fucking servitude…they don’t want real Freedom
      I never understood that thinking. Fortunately, I don’t know any of those kinds. Most I know think working is a drudgery and depletion of their energy – even those who profess to like their paychecks.

      • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence


        I don’t think he means slavery in the literal sense as in working a job or laboring. Yes, many people do complain about their jobs and are open about this.

        By servitude he probably means “mental” servitude. Mental servitude is different than physical laboring or sacrificing time. Examples of mental servitude are giving up rights and privacy for so-called “safety”, like what happened with the Patriot Act. Mental servitude is when schools don’t accept philosophical reasons for not vaccinating children and the masses believe it is justified. Mental servitude is when people are abused and harassed for not wearing masks by mental slaves who support control. Mental servitude is when people are okay with more and more surveillance. This post had many examples of the mental servitude.

        The physical laboring and work servitude is connected to the mental servitude. Many use their jobs as an excuse to be too “tired” or “busy” to educate themselves and rise above the mental servitude. They want to fart out on the sofa with a beer after a long day or spend a Saturday on a shopping spree. They want to escape their dreaded labor and physical servitude with fun, pleasure, and entertainment (distractions). They feel they sacrifice so much energy in physical servitude that they crave rewards and enjoyment.

        This isn’t everyone, of course. There are some who do their physical labor and go home to seek truth, they don’t want to be mental slaves. They don’t like the mental servitude and work towards an exit. They want to get off the slave train and want to build freedom. But it all starts within.

        The mental servitude is when people are too lazy to think for themselves. They want others to make big choices for them without having to take time out to analyze the facts. They don’t take the time to try to find out who our leaders truly are, they just want to believe what they see. They go for whatever sounds good on the surface and don’t take the time to learn. This,they support evil unknowingly. They don’t realize the harm the control system does and don’t question authority (at least not enough). Others know of the evil they support but enjoy serving evil anyway.

        A lot of people are in between, too. Some have cognitive dissonance and will rebel against some forms of mental servitude while embracing other types.

        Think books like 1984 and Brave New World as fictional examples of extreme mental servitude. Great works that are well worth reading!

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