COVID-19, Not a Respiratory Illness? The Link with Hypoxia and Cyanide

Many people die of respiratory conditions all the time. There is a familiar “syndrome” with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) which is similar to what happened with SARS (SARS-CoV) in 2002. Patients were described as turning blue then their lungs filled with fluid and died of pneumonia. This is also the description of the severe cases of alleged COVID-19.

COVID-19, which is SARS-CoV-2, is doing the same as SARS-CoV in some patients. Both viruses have presented themselves as conditions of hypoxia with low oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Patients are sometimes having trouble breathing. This is how Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell described COVID-19 patients:

This description of patients happened in 2002 and now again in 2020. There are events occurring in the bloodstream to induce a high altitude-like or hypoxic injury. If this problem is not resolved in patients, fluids fill their lungs, pneumonia develops and they die.

It’s not a respiratory failure. Most patients didn’t even have a fever, with their temperatures below 38 degrees Celsius at 37.5.

Erroneously thinking it’s a respiratory failure, ventilators are used. Ventilators try to force high pressure oxygen into the lung tissue. If the problem occurring in the bloodstream still exists where oxygen doesn’t bind to blood cells, and ventilators can’t get oxygen into blood, then the hypoxic event isn’t fixed.

Ventilators don’t work, and patients die. Many patients have died this way. How many isn’t certain, but it’s estimated between 76-97% die when put on ventilators in NYC.

The medical system is part of the problem when it remains attached to thinking that there is a respiratory failure event. From SARS-CoV to SARS-CoV-2, it’s showing a hypoxic event. If it was a viral infection that was overwhelming our immune system, we would see our immune system respond appropriately. And some people who are alleged to be infected with (something that tests claim detects) COVID-19, have no issue, don’t notice it, or only have mild symptoms of illness. Is the “detected” COVID-19 which some have, really the same thing as what others have, who are suffering from oxygen deprivation?

This hypoxic-like injury is similar to cyanide poisoning.

Some COVID-19 patients also have liver failure, which is what can happen with cyanide poisoning. Cyanide also produces rapid breathing, headaches and respiratory failure. Cyanide prevents the cells from using oxygen.

Given the similarity of cyanide poisoning and COVID-19 symptoms, it might be a good idea to try cyanide treatments for COVID-19 patients who get to the point of turning blue, having breathing issues, low oxygen levels in their blood, etc.

Cyanide is part of our air pollution. Earth Justice has tried to mandate the EPA to set a numeric hydrogen cyanide limit. But the EPA refused. We have a right to know the levels of poisons in the air we breathe, but they don’t want to do their job and allow us to be aware of it.

Are people really dying of COVID-19? Not according to Dr. Bush. They are dying of secondary pneumonias that are bacterial in nature, or of hypoxic organ failure. There are no signs of a virus killing people.

There is also a recent paper from China about COVID-19 suggesting an attack on hemoglobin that prevents the transport of oxygen in the body.


If this is true, then it’s not a respiratory disease or issue, but more of a blood issue or hypoxia. The displacement of iron and prevention of carrying oxygen in hemoglobin is similar to what happens in malaria. Hydroxychloroquine, is originally a malaria drug, which has shown to be effective against treating this new infection being called COVID-19. COVID-19 may not be an ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), as some doctors are concluding.

Doctors appear to be seeing high levels of ferritin in the blood of patients, which is released in the blood to trap free iron so it doesn’t cause us health issues. The paper from China appears to support the existing evidence. The hemoglobin is being attacked, releasing iron into the bloodstream, lowing oxygen supply in the body, and increasing the amount of ferritin. Although hydroxychloroquine might not be used “officially”, some doctors have given oxygen to patients with greater success of treatment compared to intubated ventilators which mostly kill people.

This would explain why intubation/ventilators are not working, and patients die due to no oxygen flowing in the body.

The alleged virus identified as COVID-19 appears to participate in the unmasking of the hypoxic condition. The hypoxic effects aren’t happening in everyone, so the virus isn’t the cause itself. Otherwise, according to Dr. Bush, everyone who would be infected would have this effect (hypoxia) caused by the virus. The virus seems to be aiding something into creating a hypoxic effect and unmasking this hemoglobin effect.

What is being unmasked? Air pollution. Specifically, the cyanide in the air pollution we breathe into our lungs.

A recent study has associated air pollution with higher COVID-19 death rates. An increase of 1 micrograms per cubic meter of pollution leads to an 8% increase in the COVID-19 death rate.

It seems the oxygen deprivation/hypoxia symptoms, hemoglobin study, cyanide in the air, and the air pollution study are painting a different picture than what we are told is a virus that is killing people. Our pollution of the world is what may actually be killing people, not COVID-19 itself.

COVID-19 is not likely a respiratory syndrome or disease, not an ARS or ARDS. Will the scamdemic be blown away before the government implements permanent control measures that leads us towards a one world socialist control grid?

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    Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell in the video above describes the problem but not the possible solution for ventilators. Stop using ventilators and use concentrators as seen on TV for seniors all the time.

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    “An increase of 1 micrometers per cubic meter of pollution leads to……” doesn’t mean anything. He’s specifying an amount
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    I think there are 2 typos:
    1). “…. micrometers per cubic meter….” resolves to m**-2 for a
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    2). “….some doctors have given oxygen to patients….” I think he means to
    say “HCQ” instead of “oxygen”, as per the first part of the sentence.

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