Corona-Safe Classrooms and Songs

School children are the least at risk group to get infected and get severe symptoms. Yet, the state-funded schools are going overboard to isolate children from each other to “protect” them from possibly getting infected with COVID-19.

That’s a real classroom that students are expected to return to. No joke. It’s really overboard. Firstly, due to the low level of risk of COVID_19 to school age children. Secondly, the ridiculous plastic separators. How the hell are children even going to see their teachers or the blackboard? This is a joke. Yet, they seriously made this a reality.

I don’t know about you, but when I went to school, there were over 20 people per classroom. How are all the kids supposed to get back to school when so much space is being wasted for “social distancing” bullshit safety guidelines?

Take this classroom for example. There are now 9 student or so?

Then when these teenagers get outside, they are expected to stay in their hive-mind do-as-your-told honeycomb separators lol:

Of course, wear your masks too! You don’t want to get sick and die from something that is highly unlikely to even come close to killing you.

I suppose there is the argument of protecting their old age parents or grand parents. Ho wabout people load up on immune boosting nutrients and live life normally? If you get sick, take some short-term HCQ with zinc to beat it in 2 days? Nah… why let people live and save lives…

The younger developing children are most affected though. You might have seen these images showing the isolation and depression in cafeterias and playgrounds:

That’s really sad and depressing. I would say this is traumatic to the psycho-social development of children. Maybe even a (soft) form of psychological torture…

But the programming is worse in some cases. Look at this song to be indoctrinated into the children at a Bogangar Public School, New South Whales, Australia:

“Officials set out to control, Protecting the young and the old… Penalties apply for not listening”

That’s right children, obey or get punished. That’s who you train people into obedience in an authoritarian society. The fear of punishment. Just do as your told. Don’t think. Don’t object. Mind controlling the next generation of obedient government slaves.

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