Biosecurity and Authoritarian Control, the ‘War on COVID’ is a War on People

When thinking of a world war, the obvious reference and imagery is of WWI and WWII. Soldiers were in trenches ready to swarm onto the filed in WWI. Then planes and tanks roamed the battlefield with submarines in the sea. Modern warfare has moved from soldiers to drones and aerial assaults. With computing, there is cyber warfare. But there is always the mind-centric psychological and information warfare that are crucial to manipulating people in covert warfare.

We still have outward enemies pointed at for the authoritarian government to justify their continued building of the war machine. But the controllers have moved inward to establish dominance on their own populations. China is a prime example for others to emulate.

With the scamdemic (and likely plandemic) of COVID-19, was has been declared by many nations. A war on COVID has been declared by many misleaders. It’s just a euphemism for a war on society to bow to the dictates of authority as they impose wartime measures on their own people to “protect” them from an “invisible enemy”.

Nations have declared war inside themselves, as troops are on the streets, panic is engineered. Martial law has ensued as people are told to stay in their homes (or else). And they blame a virus (or an outward source like China) as the enemy rather than themselves as the executors of the psychological and societal shift. Authoritarians are the wagers of a covert war on their own people.

It might progress externally to an orchestrated battle of the US and Western allies against Communist China and it’s allies. Just as engineered as the Cold War who had the US funding the Soviets for decades, but with real lives lost for the dark powers to keep people serving, dying for them, and enriching them via the war machine.

While the West publicly condemns Chinas authoritarian model for controlling it’s society, it expects people to support it’s adoption of the Chinese model for societal control. This is evident with the manufactured crisis of COVID-19. Lockdowns, forced unemployment, and technological surveillance has risen. While some see it for what it is, others accept and even embrace their imprisonment as security and safety.

The police state is growing globally. “China bad” when they do it, but “it’s good” when it happens here. People don’t recognize the start of WWIII being waged on thems by their governments. The outward enemy is only a bogeyman to justify authoritarian measures to the inward enemy that the people have been covertly declared to be.

Cyber warfare, psychological warfare, and information warfare is underway within Western nations to stop alleged “disinformation” and “conspiracy theories” that counteract the official narrative propaganda. This narrative must be repeated and become ingrained as the only “reality”. Cutting off access to contradictory information is necessary to sustain and strengthen the illusion people are expected to buy into. The media and big tech giants are promoting the false narrative and suppressing or subverting information that contradicts it.

As much as the two-party paradigm is a fraud to keep people going in circles and never escaping their enslavement, the Democratic party has been the biggest pusher of fraud in the political process. The left-leaning press and academia aids the agenda to destabilize society (not that the right is a beacon of light). Denial of rights and freedom was pressed in support of lockdowns against the non-crisis of COVID-19. When that fable was waning, they rushed to support a race war, communists and fascists who pretend to be anti-fascist.

We are the enemy of the controllers and authoritarians, and they need us distracted from seeing what’s going on. Divide and conquer. Biosecurity is the new political avenue for imposing greater authoritarian control on society, which the engineered crisis of COVID-19 has propelled forward at warp speed.

A great explanation of this is written by Giorgio Agamben in Biosecurity and Politics (translated from the Italian original). Medical or health security has become the essential means to defend against a perceived “medical-” or “health-terror” as a means to govern. “Worst case scenarios” have been propelled to the forefront of policy to justify authoritarianism.

Even back in 2005, in line with this kind of “worst case” logic, the World Health Organization warned that “avian influenza would kill 2 to 150 million people,” pushing for political responses that nations were not yet prepared to accept at that time.

These imagined and engineered “extreme situations” gave political justification for enforcing changes in government policies towards their own people. Rather than chosing hwo to mange your health safety, “health is imposed on them as a legal obligation (biosecurity).”

Zylberman described the political recommendations as having three basic characteristics: 1) measures were formulated based on possible risk in a hypothetical scenario, with data presented to promote behavior permitting management of an extreme situation; 2) “worst case” logic was adopted as a key element of political rationality; 3) a systematic organization of the entire body of citizens was required to reinforce adhesion to the institutions of government as much as possible. The intended result was a sort of super civic spirit, with imposed obligations presented as demonstrations of altruism. Under such control, citizens no longer have a right to health safety; instead, health is imposed on them as a legal obligation (biosecurity).

This was described in 2013. The pattern was present, and has continued to emerge for those with eyes to see. Tracking, tracing, testing, heat sensors, cough detection, drones, immunity passports, etc. People have been manipulated/convinced to accept things they previously never would have, by creating a fear-hype panic and hysteria that has them abandon freedom for illusory safety.

It is evident that over and above any emergency connected with a certain virus that could in future make way for another, the design of a new paradigm of government is discernible; one far more effective than any other form of government that the political history of the west has known before.

Due to the progressive decline of ideologies and political convictions, the pretext of security had already succeeded in getting citizens to accept restrictions to their freedom that previously they were unwilling to embrace. Now, biosecurity has taken things further still, managing to portray the total cessation of every form of political activity and social relationship as the ultimate act of civic participation. We have witnessed the paradox of left-wing organizations, traditionally known for demanding and asserting rights and denouncing constitutional violations, unreservedly accepting restrictions to freedom decided by ministerial decrees, devoid of any legality. Even the pre-war fascist government would not have dreamed of imposing such restrictions.

The entire concept of human destiny is at stake and we face a future that is tinged with a sense of apocalypse, of the end of the world—an idea adopted from our old religions, now nearing their twilight. Just as politics was superseded by the economy, now the economy too will have to be integrated into the paradigm of biosecurity, for the purpose of enabling government. All other needs must be sacrificed. At this point it is legitimate to ask ourselves whether such a society can still be defined as human, or whether the loss of physical contact, of facial expressions, of friendships, of love can ever be worth an abstract and presumably spurious medical security.

This is horrifically what is happening. The emergence of biosecurity is the “solution” to impose greater control on us as the authoritarian’s enemy. People need to wake up to this. The war on COVID is a war on us, on our minds and on our freedom. Dig into the COVID scamdemic deception if you don’t yet see it. People are dying who could have been saved with known information that has been suppressed. People have been intentionally killed to increase the death toll. And still it only reaches the level of a sever flu season.

I have to give them credit for the masterful deception. It’s incredible, but it’s happening. The media and “experts” message is repeated and becomes inculcated into the minds of the masses. They manufactured an unreality into the reality we are living.



  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    So many great points. It’s starting to fear like a nightmare here in “The Home of the Brave” (USA).

    This Biosecurity nonsense is a bucket load of shit. As if toxic ways of living covered up by masks will make us any healthier.

    Recently I’ve been sick (though negative for COVID-19) and wearing a mask while out in public. Ugh, I will say it truly was disgusting! Sweat, moisture, and mucous (if you’re ill) all get trapped in a warm area. The mask literally started to smell pretty bad, I put hand sanitizer on it to get rid of the odor. Yet this is what is mandatory for every individual, all in the name of Biosecurity. It does not feel healthy at all.

    If I did something even slightly strenuous it was so hard to breathe. I put the mask on, ran up and down some stairs, then had to take it off to get some air.

    I never imagined the tyranny getting this bad. Sometimes it feels like a surreal movie, something in the Twilight Zone.

    Then when adding hospital neglect, suppression of real health care and the inflated death rates it’s all just a big WAR ON US.

    Some states are actually going to FINE people money for not covering their face! I do wonder… where does this STOLEN money go? To helping people get better? Of course not!

    Masks are going to pushed in schools now. Developing children who need fresh air will have increased anxieties. They are being conditioned to not trust their own bodies and to see themselves as a potential threat. Their brains are trying to form networks to build social skills. How many emotional cues will be unseen now?

    I saw an article about “anti-maskers” wearing mesh masks that have holes in them. These masks are labelled “weapons” though they do not truly cause harm. I’ve gotta get one of these really soon!

    If this really is a war with COVID, the strategies are no good. Masks are like a shield and don’t offer any offense. When the army goes to war, they don’t just go in holding shields. Supplements and nutrition help the body make it’s own internal offense and defense systems. Yet this is hardly mentioned in the mainstream news and is also being censored. Instead, it’s about being a coward, obeying arbitrary laws, hiding and being scared, not trying to be stronger.

    Then you add in the race distraction to add more tensions.

    People are painting these ugly “Black Lives Matter” slogans all over streets! Ugh, this is not what I want to see in my neighborhood. Though I’ve found some painted BLM stones around my town. What ever happened to the innocent little Earth paintings with people of ALL races holding hands together? How about that symbol? Not good enough for BLM. Apparently they want to be the center of attention here…

    Yes, Caucasians who are racist against African Americans exist. Yes, police can be too aggressive and discriminate against other people. But what about all of the African Americans killing their own kind? The gang wars, the shootings against each other…. Not saying all “Black” people engage in such activities, but it needs to be considered. Statistically, there is more Black on Black crime than White on Black crime from what I have seen:

    To me this Black Lives Matter phenomenon stems from insecurity. They sense they lack power yet are trying to get it in the wrong way. I see people supporting “Black-owned” businesses now just because of their skin color. Supporting businesses owned by families of victims is one thing…. but supporting random “Black-owned” businesses is very different indeed. This is encouraged by the media but what about people of other races? “I’ll go to this coffee shop because the owner is black. I don’t know much about this person, but hey… Black Lives Matter!”

    A celebrity actually got a swarm of people to go to a “Black-owned” coffee shop for that very reason. So much special treatment for a race at war with itself. Black women get more abortions than other races, too. Are “white” people making them kill their own black children? To me that’s another sign they need another look in the mirror. There’s a lot of great black folks out there, I love people of all races… but BLM really needs to go. Instead of this victim mentality they need to see the bigger picture.

    Scam-demic, Plan-demic, Race War, Psych-War… Gee, I wonder what’s coming next?

    • The BLM agenda is racist in large part when you look at everything. Legitimate problems where racism does exist in places, but then making it all about race and being racist to fight some racism, while the deeper issue is authority and police illegitimacy. Race-focused support of black only, that’s racist discrimination of only supporting a certain race. Yet they think they aren’t being racist. The race-war is on indeed. Society is mind-fucked. 2020 is the year of demonstrating how mind controlled people are.

      • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

        Yes, the Black Lives Matter group fails to focus on the root causes of race division. I will not be buying from businesses just because the owners are black or engaging in other forms of race-focused support for random black people.

        In regards to the bull shit mask laws, how is it in your area? Is it “legally required” or just “recommended”?

        • Oh yes, the city created a by-law so it’s enforced by the police now. People get arrested if they refuse to put on a mask.

          • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

            Yikes! Do you wear one or do you try I find a way around it?

            I just looked up the penalties for my area and didn’t realize people can get arrested and fined here for not complying. Penalties haven’t been publically posted from what I’ve seen..Though I have seen signs using the words “legally required” in regards to face coverings. What a waste to put someone in jail for not wearing a fucking face mask. This is such an abomination

          • Only to go buy food. Otherwise, I can’t go buy the food I want. It’s mass retarded.

    • Great discernment same old story of separation being sold out to people all over the world, alienating people from each other with this invisisible enemey COVID19, Great to read truth teller not buying on that anymore and feeling that the planet is one and we are all connected an master of ourselfs. All wars were allways within temptations per say, not ouside threats. Here in EU zone it has been the same, govs imposing masks, i sayed at home do not judge but it was the best way to handle this global cabal. My parents saw 2 world wars happening this realy feel like imposition of the powerful economic superpwer over the simple minded people. i prefer to not watch the news sometimes or just send positive energy and though to all lives lost, for non sense, out of context actions. i recently made a security course and know how this is afectin anyone everywhere, your doing great job of seeing things how they are and not how some media is trying to seel to the rest world. Am caucasian in apearence but i am one with every single consciousness on this planet, so there is no fear at all, this global agenda is only for week minded to start acting like fools. where were i am there are people from all races, my parenet been on africa and saw how this is, i engage in datings with black chiks before this craziness.. ALL LIVES Matters

  • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

    I am sorry to hear this and I feel your pain.

    I have been wearing one most of the time and trying to take advantage of opportunities when it’s not strictly enforced (which is rare now). More people outside are doing the “put up mask when near someone then pull it back down” bull shit. It’s so annoying!

    Never before have I felt so much rage going out in public. When I wear one I feel deep anger and shame for the human race. If I haven’t said this already it’s the worse form of tyranny I’ve experienced in my lifetime.

    In regards to this race division… apparently searches for Black-owned businesses have gone up by 7,000 percent on Yelp. Are all of these individuals “victims of racism”? Nope. Yet others are going to earn less money to support their families if they aren’t “Black” it seems.

    The year of 2020 is “I need my carpets cleaned… Ooh, this company has 5 stars and 500 great reviews. Let’s see a photo of the owner. Uh-oh, he’s white! I can’t support White Priviledge! If I do I’m racist and all my friends will hate me. Time to type: Black-Owned Carpet Cleaning Services.”

    “I need my rooms painted… This company is listed as #1 in my area. Let’s see the owners… Nope, he’s Asian. I am part of BLM and must hire Black people only.” I’m pretty sure this is a new mass form of discrimination….

    LOL. Talk about living in the Twilight Zone

    • Truth Conquers, Raise Coherence

      Edit: I wear a mask most of the time now as it is legally required. But before the recent “emergency order” I was happy not to wear one and have a choice. I really miss the time when it wasn’t mandatory 🙁 I miss feeling some freedom and not being harassed if I go out without one. I think the phrasing I used in the last comment could be interpreted as me having worn one through most of the scamdemic so I thought I’d elaborate.

      I didn’t have a big problem wearing one while I was actually sick though it did feel disgusting. I feel sorry for sick hospital patients who have to keep it on all day as it will not help them recover at a faster rate 🙁

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