Are You a COVID-Denying Murderer?!?!

covid denier

Do you dare to leave your home in defiance of lockdown isolation orders from the caring government?
Do you dare to not wear a mask in defiance of government commands?
Do you dare to defy being 6 feet or more from others?
Do you dare to think for yourself, look at the world around you, gather information, and conclude COVID-19 is not a horribly “plague-like” dangerous virus that the media makes it out to be?

Then you are a COVID denier, and a murderer!

covid denier
COVID-19 is spreading and potentially infecting people. You might become infected by it. You might end up passing it on to someone else. They might end up passing it on to someone else. And they might end up passing it onto someone else, and so forth. Somewhere down that chain of infection there might be someone who is immune-compromised, and they might end up becoming infected. They might be part of that small fraction of a percentage point of the population who might die from the disease. That makes you and everyone else a murderer!

Some people actually think like this. No joke. If you don’t stay inside, advocate for freedom of movement, and let anyone who wants to stay inside from fear do so, then you might be a murderer.

The stupid thing about this so-called “reasoning”, is that if everyone who is afraid of dying from COVID-19 stays inside, and everyone else who isn’t goes outside and lives their life, how are those in fear going to get it when they are already locked up and not coming into contact with everyone? They don’t seem to think through their argument too far. Fear is locking their thinking in a box of stupid. They will only feel safe if everyone else is locked up like them. It seems they imagine if others go out, COVID-19 will be jumping around outside, getting on all the sidewalks and trees and hopping from door to door ready to infiltrate their home and kill them. LOL.

If not a “murderer”, then many people will say you’re “selfish”. Either way, they still don’t get how it’s not selfish. Only those who are afraid need to lock themselves away in isolation. Those who aren’t in fear can move about freely. COVID-19 isn’t some devastating outbreak.

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  • silverpen123

    That would be me. A covid denier. I don’t know anyone who knows anyone with it. 2 relatives had a flu in November and December, respectively, and claim it was covid before tests and before it was in the US/my area. I have one friend whose uncle died of it, but he also was struggling with late stage diabetes. Death certificate: covid. Where are they getting their numbers if so many people don’t know or know of anyone with it? I think the gig is up.
    They are engendering a huge amount of mistrust and going to have a hard time back-peddling on this one. The only thing left for them is draconian measures. Hopefully they don’t turn their enforcers against us.

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