Unconscious and Unaware


When you are unaware of the wrong you engage in, when you are unaware of the immoral action you do, that means you are living unconsciously. You are unconsciously living out the program another has sold you. You are conditioned, running unconscious programming, thinking it is actually what you are supposed to be doing. Participation, support and consent in the exploitation, enslavement, harm, violence or murder or other sentient animate beings that have every right to life and freedom you do, is living the unconscious conditioning of the societal program. Ignorance of your inauthentic way of life will not save your from your unconscious wrong-doings. Only knowledge empowering you with Truth can result in true positive change.

Many become aware of this unconscious conditioning, yet choose to reject and deny their participation in evil in order to sustain, maintain and propagate their wrong ways that they do not want to face honestly in the mirror. They are acting like a coward, running away from themselves, the truth and Morality, not able to face their shadow. Fear and the fight-or-flight mechanism works in our internal domain as well as the external physical realm. This is all about Fear of Truth, Fear of yourself and who you are choosing to be through your expressions of consciousness: thought, emotion, action. The fear manifests as the cowardice of running away from facing yourself honestly, and it will only prolong the immoral actions, suffering, pain and harm you create onto others.

On a side note, I am reminded of the Dunning-Kruger study titled “Unskilled and Unaware of it”: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/10626367, for those interested.

Unconscious and Unaware

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