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Are We Really Living Our Own Lives?

Are we really living our own lives? Or are we living “their” program for life with distractions preventing us from changing for the better? The majority of the populace don’t seem to understand the powers that be, controllers, manipulators, globalists, elites, etc., “them” and “they”, want us to be focused on pleasure, enjoyment, gratification, amusement, etc., the “American Dream”, the […]

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Learn to Let Go. Objective Detachment – Psychology (Pt.2)

Identification and Attachment Attachment blinds us to reality. Attachment is the root of suffering. Detachment is freedom. Attachment applies on many levels of life because its intricately rooted into our ego-personality-identity construct, our sense of self, self-image, self-view and worldview perception of the world. The more we value and identify with things, the more we become attached to them. This […]

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Who Are You? Who We Are, Know Thyself – Psychology (Pt.1)

Do you know thyself? Would you agree that you are an individual self? I am myself. You are yourself. We are each ourselves. Individual aspects of reality each have an identity. This is part of philosophical metaphysics and categories of being to understand characteristics, aspects, attributes, properties and qualities of what ‘is’ in reality. In the Trivium Methodology, this is […]

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Hell is where you forget who you are. That is what hell is, when you live as a falser self, not a truer self. Knowing who you are is knowing your sovereignty and self-responsibility under Moral Law, knowing you are not a police officer, military member, corporate executive or other controlling or enslaving role, because those things are against being […]

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Symbolism and Consciousness Pt.1

The primacy of existence to utilize and maximize the power of consciousness is necessary to be understood. First is reality. Second is knowledge from perception. Third are symbols of that knowledge from reality. Fourth are questions about reality from the basics of understanding reality. The meaning and purpose is an extrapolation from the power of abstraction, imagination, induction, intuition and […]

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Consciousness and Causality Symbolism Pt.2

Cause and Effect is a Natural Law with various complexities of interaction in reality that can be understood. This understanding of causality can help to clarify how Natural Moral Law of Behavioral interactions objectively functions as well. Video Audio Download .mp3: Consciousness and Causality Symbolism Pt.2 Images: All images zip file PDF of images

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