Natural Law, Trivium & Consciousness Chart

This is a chart I made to incorporate my understanding of Universal Cosmic Natural Moral Law, the trivium, the level of consciousness that results, and also the negative manifestation and unconsciousness when we reject these understandings. This is how we actively create reality, or allow reality to be created for us towards control and enslavement through our programmed, conditioned and mind controlled ways of living in falsity, wrong, immorality and evil.



Download .mp3: Natural Law, Trivium & Consciousness Chart

Here is an HQ PDF that you can zoom in a lot on: Natural Law, Trivium, Levels of Consciousness



  • Marc Jantzen

    If you could use Comprehension in place of understanding that would clarify much and keep the magi spells from sullying this good work.

  • You have a problem with the word understanding because you are trying to reinvent the English language based on an identity crisis from a negation of the current society. A means to rebel and separate from the status-quo of society. This is often the case in those who are “black” and have identity issues and rebel against “conforming” to what they view as “white” or “oppressive” society, and it ties back into the Black Liberation Ideology/Theology, which is what the “urban” reinvention is associated to as well ideologically. Just look at your comment, your issue is with the word “understanding”. The word understanding, in your confusion, demonstrates a sullying of this work? LOL. WOW! It speaks volumes about where your current ego-personality-identity construct is at.

    Here is a definition of the word you view as a negative and lack Higher Definition clarity of yourself: . Comprehend is an synonym of understanding, and means essentially the same thing with some differentiation in the root meaning.

    Still prefer to seek a “unique” identity by confusing language and creating new words that you perceive to be better? Go ahead. Use the “overstanding” urban reinvention too, I won’t. I already have words that work perfectly well, as I do understand them accurately from their roots. Your “new” and allegedly “improved” words are another “spell” tied to your identity crisis.

    But let’s look at the degeneration of language through the “urban” movement to give identity to those who lack it in what they perceive as an “oppressive” society, feeling insecure and the need to create new words to give them a sense of belonging to something different than the current degenerate society that uses a specific “controller” language. For example the word “overstand” that many “urban”-attached or “black” people prefer to use.
    Looking to the left on the page, let’s look at what this degenerate version of English has to provide as “hot”, “trending”, “novelty” of definition and clarity:

    trending: surfboard, poopsterbate, drinking watermelon, tittybong, bae, fuck, tex-sex, hipster, lumpatious, blastoising

    That is some “real” “evolved consciousness” there! Way to go on improving communication and the quality of language!

    I see many devolved comments replacing “I” with “eye”, and other idiotic broken forms of language used as an “empowering” spell to give meaning to one’s identity and separate one’s self from what is viewed as the “language of the controllers”. All it does is create more confusion when I try to read those crappy comments. It takes me 2-3x longer and provides no additional meaning or value.

    Go ahead an engage in Emotional Mind Control and call me “racist” to invalidate the Truth about this stupid “new” language because I dare to identify it’s roots in an ego-personality-identity crisis. If that is how you perceive this response, then that also speaks volumes about your current ego-personality-identity attachment. Educate yourself and let go of this bullshit you try to associate with an “empowering” and “improved” evaluation of yourself. I see through this bullshit. Whether you are “black”, “hispanic”, “white”, it matters not, I see why this new behavior is being engaged in: confusion and rebellion. A fruitless diversion of energy.


  • Erica Brock

    I know this is old. But I’d like u to know that I enjoyed your video and found your infographic to be insightful. I do hope that you have grown quite a bit since u originally posted the comment above though. (You have an article about the power of words and symbols also on your page now.) It may be wise to remove the comment if it is possible. It detracts from the teaching environment you have created and may turn some people away.

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