Mind Control and Truth Seeking


We are the ones who are mind controlling ourselves.  People want to point the finger at the “powers that be” or “elite” and “media”, etc, but we are all complicit in this game of buying and selling.  We are the ones who accept or reject information.  Their are many external influences trying to manipulate us, but we are the ones who can accept or reject, deny, avoid, ignore, banish, and change.  We can allow the influences to condition us, or recognize them and not become tacit receivers in a systemic program of control.

It’s actually a simple choice when you get down to it. How awakened and aware are you? Do you consider yourself awake? What does being awake mean? If we consider being awake as having the desire to understand and be more aware of reality, then we must continually ask ourselves “is this really true?” when we come across new information. If we don’t question the information that is provided to us and try to determine its validity, then we are a high target for gullibility, suggestibility and being manipulated. Do you want to question the veracity and validity of information by thinking about it and increasing your awareness of it by noticing, observing, paying attention, reflecting, pausing, contemplating and pondering? Or do you want to continue being manipulated, duped, conned, deceive, trick, fooled, screwed, bamboozled, pulled-one-over, etc. due to your unwillingness to become more aware of reality and reaching greater degrees of understanding about the truthfulness, accuracy, correctness, and validity of the information presented to you? You can either care about truth and honesty in trying to align your perceptions with an accurate representation of reality, or you can not care and buy into whatever is being sold and believe whatever you want regardless of it being true or not.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mind Control and Truth Seeking

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