Fear of Truth


People are afraid of Truth. They fear the contrast and contradiction that Truth will bring into their accepted ways of living and being. Truth forces people to face themselves. Truth disturbs and puts pressure on the falsity in your life and makes you confront it.

Truth is your enemy when you Fear looking into unpleasant things. It will act against you because you act against it through your foolishness and wrong-action. Those who do not examine themselves and their actions are most likely engaging in wrong-actions. When you decide to face reality, to Care for, Seek and Embrace the Truth, then the Truth will be your ally and friend.

Those who do not Fear Truth, Love and Seek Truth in their lives, and Willingly accepting the Hard, uncomfortable Truth because they know it is the Way forward. They seek to know their Errors and Wrongs in order to correct them and Align more fully with Truth.

Fear of Truth

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